Information for patients seeking advice rather than fill adjustments.

We also offer straightforward advice sessions for customers; this is a service for those who may have a gastric band in place but have become disenchanted with it, or are only considering having a band placed (or undergoing some other form of WLS). Surgical teams often do not have the clinic time necessary to convey a lot of information, and GPs cannot be expected to have the detailed understanding of surgical issues you might wish for. can give you in-depth information from both the AGB patient (Jaci) and the informed medical professional (Kai) point of view.


We strongly believe that the full weight loss potential of the gastric band technique is frequently unfulfilled through a lack of patient information, and we may be able to help customers get better results or deal with problems encountered which otherwise might result in them giving up on their band. Also, many potential AGB patients hesitate to go forward for the operation because of lack of information, or fears about the anaesthetic or surgery which we may be able to allay. Advice sessions can be delivered either face to face in the clinic, or by distance communication over the telephone and internet/email.


Naturally we are best informed about AGB-related queries, although we do have a thorough understanding of issues relating to permanent (malabsorptive) surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch, as well as non-surgical options.


We will always advise what we think suits a given patient's circumstances best, whether this involves an adjustable gastric band or not. If we think that, for whatever reason, weight loss surgery is not for you then we will certainly say so. If you are considering going abroad to have WLS surgery more cheaply, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this with you and can put you in touch with leading and trusted surgeons (we do not receive a commission for this).


We believe that the management of obesity must always be holistic and multi-disciplinary, encompassing the patient's family and support systems on the one hand and many other professional inputs besides surgery on the other (including dietetics, psychology and counselling, nursing, etc). While our clinic does not currently employ a multidisciplinary team, we can certainly give you tailored pointers in the directions which we think are most appropriate for your individual requirements.