This page tells you what our service is all about.


Welcome to, a service for bariatric/weight loss surgery (WLS) patients with implanted adjustable gastric bands (AGBs) who require band fill adjustments.


We are located in Hastings/St Leonards in East Sussex, convenient to London and the South East of England.


The clinic is run by Dr. Kai Rabenstein and his wife Jacqueline. Kai is an experienced anaesthetist working in a senior position in critical care medicine in the NHS while Jacqueline is a satisfied AGB patient herself, works closely with NHS services and has extensive experience in advising AGB patients.


"We realised that despite rapidly growing demand, post-operative aftercare can be difficult to access (especially if the original operation was done outside the UK) and  quite costly. Bands do not work unless the fill level is just right, and as a bandster loses weight, their fill level requirement is likely to change. Also, some bandsters experience excess restriction and then find it difficult to obtain a defill, or are left 'high and dry' after an emergency defill. We aim to offer an informative, friendly, affordable and accessible service that helps make your band work for you."

Our fee is £85 for each fill/defill and includes a personalised consultation. If we fail to access your port (which is very rare) we will not charge you. If the adjustment results in overfill and excessive restriction we offer a partial defill at your earliest convenience, free of charge.

Personalised detailed advice/info sessions, lasting one hour, are also charged at £85 and can be delivered by distance communication (telephone, Skype and/or email).


We regularly attend bariatric courses organised by e.g. the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Allergan Healthcare, and the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and are enrolled in the University of Reading's Certificate course on Obesity Management. 


Appointments are available primarily on weekends; in case of an emergency such as excessive restriction, appointments may  be made at short notice and for weekday evenings. We aim to be flexible to suit our clients' needs.


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PLEASE NOTE: We would strongly recommend advising your GP and/or original surgeon/fill provider that you intend to use our services. The more details of your band and weight loss history you and they can provide, the better. Be aware that not every fill always results in increased restriction. Also, AGBs and patients can experience complications at times (e.g. leaks, device displacement or infection) which may necessitate referral to either imaging or specialist services.